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Violinmaking: Measuring and Fitting the Neck Piece
Violinmaking: Designing the Sound Holes
Violinmaking: Carving the Scroll
The US Federal Ivory Ban and Musical Instruments
Ivory, Violins and Violin Bows
Dendrochronology and Fine Violins
Violin Accessories: Buying Online Versus In a Violin Shop
How to Keep Your Violin “Tuned Up” and Playable
Stringed Instrument Repairs: What is Possible
Violinmaking: The Tools of the Trade
Restoring a Fine Violin: What to Expect
Is Varnish Important to a Violin's Sound?
Standard Tunings for Violins, Violas and Cellos
The "Stradivarius" Violin Label: What it Means
Violin Appraisals: What to Know
Smart Phone Apps for Violin Players
Consigning Your Violin: What to Know
Violinmaking: Inlaying the Purflings
Violinmaking: Bending the Violin Ribs
The Violin Bass Bar
Types of Stringed Instrument Bows
How to Hold a Violin or Viola
The Difference Between Violins and Fiddles
Positioning the Sound Post in Stringed Instruments
Basic Parts of the Violin Bow
Types of Chinrests for Violins and Violas
Performing Neck Grafts on Violins, Violas and Cellos
Types of Violin Strings and the Character of Sound
Violin Acoustics and the Thickness of Wood
Violinmaking: Carving the Violin Mortise
Peg Bushing Repair of Stringed Instruments
The Varying Sizes of Violins, Violas and Cellos
Hourglass Shapes of Violins, Violas and Cellos
Straightening the Bridge on Violins, Violas and Cellos
Choosing the Tailpiece on a Stringed Instrument
Installing the Bridge on a Stringed Instrument
The Acoustics of the Violin Body
The History of Modern Violinmaking
The History of Violinmaking in the Golden Age
The History of Ancient Violinmaking
Varnishing the Body of a Stringed Instrument
Materials for Making Violin Strings
Violin Fittings: The Tuning Pegs, Tailpiece and Tail Gut
Violinmaking: Appropriate Pressure for Tuning Pegs
Ebony Fingerboards Resist Wear
What Is a Composite Instrument?
Violinmaking and Chladni Patterns
Types of Wood for Making a Violin
Types of Glues Used in Instrument Making
Should You Refinish a Fine Stringed Instrument for Color?
What Do You Do if You “Find a Strad”?
What To Look for When Choosing a Local Violin Shop
When Is It Time to Upgrade From a Student Violin to a Fine Violin?
What to Know Before Buying a Fine Violin Online From a Shop
Why You Shouldn't Purchase Fine Stringed Instruments on Craigslist

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