Aleksandra Maslovaric Acquires 2009 Benning Violin

12-1214 Violinist-Aleksandra-MaslovaricBenning Violins is proud to announce that violin virtuoso Aleksandra Maslovaric is the latest owner of a Benning-made violin crafted by Eric in 2009.

Maslovaric has performed throughout Europe and North America and is recognized for her virtuosic technique.  She has appeared regularly on stage, television and radio broadcasts in her native Serbia, although she now calls Los Angeles her home.

Maslovaric began carving her niche in 2000 by focusing her attention on performing and recording classical works by women composers. Her passion led her to perform her own musicology research, uncovering works by women long overdue for recognition. Her debut album, Feminae in Musica, a collection of intimate works written by women, attained wide distribution in 2009 and continues to receive airplay on classical radio stations around the world.

The violin acquired by Maslovaric was made by Eric Benning on a Stradivarius pattern, with antiqued varnish. The sound is rich, warm, clear and powerful.

Maslovaric will be releasing a new album in 2014 - focusing again on classical works by women composers - this time recording the album on her Benning violin.

"What can I say besides that I'm honored to have another artist of Maslovaric's caliber play one of my instruments," says Benning. "Aleksandra has been a client for almost a decade and I know her to be a highly discerning musician, so it's that much more of an honor that she selected my violin to play."

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