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Benning Violins is a family-owned and operated store since 1953 and has one of the finest collections of old and new violins, violas, and cellos on the West Coast.

We have instruments for the student, the amateur, and the most avid professional.


In student models, we carry inexpensive outfits set up in our workshop to our specifications from a number of different countries.

For the serious amateur and the professional we also have a selection of fine instruments made by masters of the last several hundred years along with contemporary masters including our own, Eric Benning.


To compliment your instrument we also have a fine selection of excellent bows from the old French masters to contemporary French, English, German, Brazilian, and American makers. We also carry a complete line of strings, cases, and accessories for the violin, viola and cello.

Restorations & Repairs

Restoration and repair have long been a staple of our studio. Being in the very center of the West Coast music scene has brought many of the finest musicians through our doors. Hans Benning was Jascha Heifetz's luthier for the last 10 years of his life. Precision repairs were done on both his Guarneri and his Tononi violins as well as his bows.

Fine restoration of instruments and bows as well as expert set up and adjustment have satisfied many musicians worldwide.

Patient adjustment of your instrument is always of paramount importance, allowing the collaboration of both the musicians' needs and the instruments' well being to work in tandem.


Drawing on our years of experience, we would be happy to look at your instrument for possible appraisal. Call (818) 762-1374 to make an appointment.


Throughout our history we have helped students, professionals, amateurs, and collectors find the instruments they need.If you feel it is time to sell your instrument or bow, we can help you by offering it to our clients. Contact us for details.

Rental Program

A large rental department is also available for entry level instruments. Each instrument is set up and maintained in our shop to allow each individual the opportunity to play on a properly set up outfit. Rental is $35 per month for violins, $45 per month for violas, and $65 for cellos. We apply the first 3 months' rental toward the purchase of the instrument you are renting or of any other of the same kind.

We do not rent out-of-state.

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