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Consignment Sales of Fine Instruments

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Benning Violins accepts fine violins, violas, cellos and bows for consignment sale.

Only instruments of fine quality will be given careful consideration and, if accepted, added to our world-renowned catalog of fine instruments for sale. Once added, your instrument will be placed before our large base of international clientele seeking high quality instruments.

Upon acceptance of terms, Benning Violins will manage all aspects of the consignment sale of your fine instrument. This includes custom set up of your instrument in our studio as well as any agreed upon restorations, repairs and adjustments.

Additionally, your instrument will benefit from full use of our marketing resources. We will communicate and negotiate with all potential buyers and, upon a successful sale, handle transportation and delivery.

All consignment arrangements are kept strictly confidential.

If you have a fine instrument you’d like to sell and wish to inquire further about our consignment policy, please visit our studio or contact us in order to schedule an appointment.