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Alfredo Gianotti | Cello

Category: RS Cellos
Manufacturer: Gianotti, Alfredo

Instrument Type: Cello

Bow Type: --

Circa: 1944

Price: Sold

Maker: Alfredo Gianotti

Description: Alfredo Gianotti was born in 1915 in Milan, Italy. Whilst a prisoner of war in the United States, Gianotti learned the art of violin making with guidance from R. Bechini. On his return, Gianotti won violin making awards in Pegli and Rome 1956, Cremona 1967, and Bagnacavallo 1976. This particular cello is in exceptional condition at this time. Beautiful craftsmanship and a minute eye for detail. The cello itself contains a rich and powerful tone. Back length: 75 cm.

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