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Hans and Nancy Benning Cello, Tecchler Model - Los Angeles 1998

Category: RS Cellos

Instrument Type: Cello

Item #: xxx-641

Year: 1998

Price: Sold

Maker: Hans and Nancy Benning

Description: This is a beautiful cello made by our very own, Hans and Nancy Benning. This is the last cello that Hans and Nancy made together back in 1998. Modeled after a David Tecchler cello, this instrument has large, full-arching giving the cello an incredible, rich, penetrating sound. The back is formed from Bosnian maple, two-piece with deep, narrow flames. The top has been fashioned with aged, Northern- Italian spruce with stunning hazel-spruce markings. The cello has been played professionally and is in a wonderful state at this time. Back Length: 76.6 cm. Sting Length: 69.0 cm.

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