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Thanh Kim 7/8 Cello, 2005

Category: RS Cellos
Manufacturer: Kim, Thanh

Instrument Type: Cello

Item #: xxx-690

Year: 2005

Price: Sold

Maker: Thanh Kim

Description: Born in Vietnam, native-Cambodian Thanh Kim began learning the craft of instrument building in 1987, when he began working at William Harris Lee & Company as an assistant to William Whedbee. In 1996, he began working as a luthier on his own, fashioning his instruments after Stradivari models. Thanh Kim's cellos feature a warm yet powerful tonal quality with outstanding projection, and are equally at home in an orchestra, chamber ensemble, or on the recital stage. This particular cello is a 7/8 size strad model and is in excellent condition. Back Length: 71.4 cm.

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