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Otto Erdesz | Viola

Category: RS Violas
Manufacturer: Erdesz, Otto

Instrument Type: Viola

Bow Type:

Year: 1969

Price: Sold

Maker: Otto Erdesz

Description: Born in Bratislava Hungary in 1917, Otto Erdesz became one of the prominent violinmakers of the 20th century. Erdesz moved to Budapest, Hungary where he studied violin making under Maz Frirsz and later graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. His career has led him all over the globe; from Hungary to Canada, Israel, and even New Jersey. This particular viola is in excellent condition; superb craftsmanship and wonderfully cultured wood. Powerful and dark tone, suitable for the finest violists and collectors. 42.7 cm back length (16 ¾”)

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