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Alfred Lamy (Nephew) | Violin Bow

Category: RS Bows
Manufacturer: Lamy, Joseph Alfred

Bow Type: Violin

Item #: xxx-684

Year: Early 1900’s

Price: Sold

Maker: Alfred Lamy (Nephew)

Description: Alfred Lamy, commonly known as Alfred Lamy Neveu, was born in 1886. He was the nephew of preeminent bow maker Joseph Alfred Lamy (Père) and began his apprenticeship under Bazin. He then studied with Jacquot in 1901, and later studied with Cuniot-Hury in 1906. It is believed that he continued his studies under Louis Bazin around 1913. After the first world war, Lamy worked with Laberte, but died shortly after at the young age of 36.

The stick is round and has a length of 72.6 cm. It is of a golden orange pernambuco which has a few random figurations and is of excellent quality. The model of the head is typical of Lamy’s work from this period. The frog is of ebony and silver and has a mother-of-pearl eye in each side. The button is in three piece form and its collar has second and third cuts visible on the edges of the facets. At this time, this bow is in excellent condition. Weight: 60.3 grams. Certified by Paul Childs.

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