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Fine Violin Bows for Sale

Jean-Joseph Martin | Violin Bow

Category: RS Bows
Manufacturer: Martin, Jean-Joseph

Instrument Type: XX

Bow Type: Violin

Item #: 574-498

Year: 1870's

Price: Sold

Maker: Jean-Joseph Martin

Description:Born in Mirecourt in 1837, Jean-Joseph Martin began his apprenticeship early to provide financial support to his family after his father's premature death. At 21, he moved to Paris to work for Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, lacking even the funds to travel there by coach. He walked the 230 miles over 10 days. An eager and competent craftsman, his Vuillaume-model bows of this period quickly became among the best ever produced for the firm. In 1863 Martin returned to Mirecourt to start his own workshop, with an abundance of skill and meager financial means. The shop was especially active after 1870, when Martin began to hire assistants and sold bows to the Mennesson and Thibouville-Lamy firms through a cooperative he established in 1875. Unfortunately the business foundered in 1880, and Martin lost both his shop and his home. His perseverance willed him to continue making bows of unstintingly high quality with his habitual brand, "J. Martin," until his death in 1910.

This particular bow is round with a length of 72.35 cm. It is of a dark orange-brown pernambuco of superior quality. The model of the head is typical of Martin’s work from the period. The frog is of ebony and silver, has the Viullaume type seating to the stick and has a mother-of-pearl eye in each side. The button, made recently for the bow, is in three piece form. At this time this bow is in very good condition. Weight: 62.1 grams.

Terms: This fine bow has been hand selected for addition to our catalog and is available for examination and trial. If you wish to inquire further about this bow, please contact us using the green button at the top of this listing or call 1-818-762-1374 during business hours.

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