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W. E. Hill and Son Firm | Violin Bow

Category: RS Bows
Manufacturer: W.E. Hill & Sons

Bow Type: Violin

Item #: xxx-576

Year: 1930's

Price: Sold

Maker: W. E. Hill and Son Firm

Description: The W. E. Hill and Sons firm was one of the longest lasting firms in the world, certainly in England. Their roots run deep, dating back to at least 1753 when Joseph Hill was crafting and restoring fine instruments. The firm continued to produce the highest standard of craftsmanship throughout the centuries. Many of the top bowmakers trained in the Hill and Sons firm, including James Tubbs, Arthur Bultitude, William Charles Retford, and many others. From this, the firm was able to gain a healthy reputation for producing the finest quality bows.

This particular bow is not attributed to a specific maker in the Hill firm. The bow is half mounted with silver and ebony onto an octagonal stick of red-brown pernambuco. The bow is in near mint condition and performs an excellent staccato with excellent clarity. Weight: 58 grams.

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