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Alessandro Gagliano | Violin

Category: RS Violins
Manufacturer: Gagliano, Alessandro “Rotondo"

Type: Violin

Listing: Alessandro Gagliano “Rotondo"

Maker: Alessandro Gagliano

Item number: 448

Price: Sold

Year: 1710

Back length: 35.4 cm

Description: Alessandro Gagliano was not only the first in this great and prolific family of violin makers, but also the first known Neapolitan maker. Little is known about his training and his highly individual work is quite unlike that of the rest of his family. Unlike his sons Nicolò and Gennaro, he used his own models rather than those of Stradivari, and the originality of his designs, some of which are rather too small or large, recalls the creative freedom of the works of Guarneri 'del Gesù. In the words of Roger Hargrave, this particular violin, The “Rotondo”, “Is the finest known example of Alessandro’s workmanship.” The stunning artistry and infallible varnish work of the Rotondo opened the door for Alessandro Gagliano to enter into the ranks of the greats. The Rotondo’s thick and lustrous varnish has made it one of the most attractive violins our staff has ever laid eyes on. Rarely played and kept as a collector’s item rather than a musician's, this violin remains in pristine condition. The back is made of one-piece flamed maple and the top follows in the one-piece fashion. Back length: 35.4 cm. Certified by Emil Herrmann, Albert Caressa, and Rembert Wurlitzer.

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