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Carlo Antonio Testore | Violin - Composite

Category: RS Violins
Manufacturer: Testore, Carlo Antonio

Instrument Type: Violin

Bow Type: --

Circa: 1754

Price: Sold

Maker: Carlo Antonio Testore

Description: Carlo Antonio Testore, eldest son of Carlo Giuseppe Testore born in 1687. Worked at , "The Sign of the Eagle" in Milan, Italy from 1710-1765. Carlo Antonio became a more prolific maker than his father, and copied the same techniques and designs as Amati, Stadivarius, and Guanerius. Full, warm, beautiful tone. Crafted in Milan, Italy in 1754. In good condition with the exception being that the top is of a later Italian origin. This is a fantastic opportunity for a player or collector to get an excellent quality violin by a master Italian maker at a reduced price. Certified by Jacques Francais. Back length: 35.4cm.

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