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Giorgio Gatti | Violin

Category: RS Violins
Manufacturer: Gatti, Giorgio

Instrument Type: Violin

Bow Type:

Year: circa 1920s

Price: Sold

Maker: Giorgio Gatti

Description: Arriving in Turin in 1890, it is likely that Enrico Marchetti himself guided Giorgio Gatti in the art of violin making. Though studying in the Piedmontese tradition of Pressenda and his fellow predecessors, Gatti showed no hesitation in deviating from the style and and adding his own personal touch to instruments. This particular violin is currently in excellent condition and labeled: “Pressenda”. The workmanship is of the highest Italian standards and follows a flattish, Stradivari modeling. Tonal qualities are superb and produces a rich, powerful sound. Certified by Chris Reuning Back length: 35.5 cm.

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