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Giovanni Fransesco Pressenda | Violin

Category: RS Violins
Manufacturer: Pressenda, Giovanni Fransesco

Instrument Type: Violin

Bow Type:


Price: Sold

Maker: Giovanni Fransesco Pressenda

Description: Claiming to have learned the art of violin making in Cremona, Pressenda spent his first years in Alba and Carmagnola. In 1817, he moved to Turin along with his wife to work for Lété-Pillement. Shortly after the passing of Lété-Pillement, Pressenda established his own workshop. Unique to Pressenda’s style was his varnish and application method, a technique none of his successors were able to emulate. After 1829, Pressenda began developing his own model and from thenceforth followed in the same manner. Giovanni Fransesco Pressenda passed away in 1854, having become one of the prominent makers of the Turin school. This particular violin is a stunning example of Italian workmanship and heritage. Both a beautiful collectors piece and a soloists delight. Powerful, rich tone that is very easy to bring out. Back length: 35.6 cm

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