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Mathias Heinicke | Violin

Category: RS Violins
Manufacturer: Heinicke, Mathias

Instrument Type: Violin

Bow Type: --

Circa: 1926

Price: Sold

Maker: Mathias Heinicke

Description: Mathias Heinicke was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1871. Initially a student of E. Reinhold, Heinicke continued his training in Italy in the style of the great masters. In 1897, Heinicke set up on his own studio in Skalna, Czeckoslovakia. Known for his vibrant copies of the Stradivarius model, Heinicke’s instruments are now recognized world wide. This particular violin is currently in excellent condition and a splendid example of Heinicke’s workmanship. The tone is bright and focused. Back length: 36 cm.

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