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Nicolo Gagliano | Violin

Category: RS Violins
Manufacturer: Gagliano, Nicolaus

Instrument Type: Violin

Bow Type:

Year: Circa 1750-1760

Price: Sold

Maker: Nicolo Gagliano

Description: Nicolo Gagliano was born in 1675 and is said to be the finest maker of the Gagliano family according to William Henley. His workmanship is considered flawless and every chisel mark intentional. This particular violin is an excellent example of Nicolo Gagliano’s craftsmanship. Beautifully arched violin and a stunning depth to the varnish. The tone and projection of the instrument only compliments the aesthetic effects of the violin. Strong tone, rich in warmth. Back length: 34.9 cm. Certified by Rembert Wurlitzer 1946.

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