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William Forster Cello, 1780's

Category: RS Cellos
Manufacturer: Forster, William

Instrument Type: Cello

Item #: xxx-1040

Year: 1780

Price: Sold

Maker: William Forster

Description: (1739 – 1808) William Forster II was known as "Old Forster" to distinguish him from his son William III, he himself was the son of William Forster I. According to the thorough family biography composed by his grandson Simon Andrew Forster, William II made violins, along with spinning wheels and gun stocks, in addition to being a successful music publisher. He established his business in the 1760s, and by 1785 his son William III was assisting him in the shop, which became known as "Forster & Son.” Born in Cumbria, Forster established his own workshop in London around 1760. He subsequently received the Royal Warrant from the Prince of Wales and was contracted with Haydn to publish his works in England.

Forster’s cellos are sought-after, many of which were made on a distinctive shortened Amati model, and supplied to many soloists of the time.

This cello is a really lovely example of the Forster’s work circa 1780 and is a distinctive, petite Amati model which was very popular with soloists of the time. The sounds is rich and colorful with good projection. Back length: 73.2 cm.

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