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Fine Cellos for Sale

Raymond Schryer Cello, Canada 2003

Category: Cellos
Manufacturer: Schryer, Raymond

Instrument Type: Cello

Item #: xxx-1077

Year: 2003

Price: Upon Request

Maker: Raymond Schryer

Description: Raymond Schryer, born in 1961 in Sault Ste Marie, ON, Canada, has been passionate about violins since childhood. At the age of fourteen, Raymond studied violin making with his uncle Fernand Schryer in Quebec for four years. At 21, Raymond earned a formal 3-year apprenticeship from the violin shop of Geo. Heinl Co. in Toronto.

The decades from 1990 to the present are filled with research, innovation, and awards. In international violin-making competitions, Raymond consistently improved his standing, winning numerous silver and gold medals. One of his proudest moments was the Gold Medal win for Cello in October 2003 at the Triennale Internazionale in Cremona, Italy, and this cello is in the contemporary exhibition at the Museo del Violino in Cremona. (See photo to the left.)

Raymond has been a board member of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers and the Violin Society of America. He has served on the jury panel for several international violin-making competitions. Raymond has enjoyed the opportunity to teach at violin-making schools, conferences, and workshops worldwide.

At the Oberlin Workshop, Raymond and his colleagues collaborate and apply new technologies to the art of violin making. Publishing articles and research projects have benefited his career by sharing with other makers worldwide. Raymond Schryer is a recognized leader and innovator in his field.

The Luthier Innovation Centre is Raymond's newest venture, providing in-person and online training in both traditional making techniques and CAD, Computer-Aided Design.

This particular cello was made the same year as his award winning cello at the “Trienelle” Antonio Stradivari competition where Raymond won a gold medal. This cello was professionally owned and maintained to the highest standard. The sound is rich and powerful and very easy to speak.

Back Length: 74.5 cm. String Length: 69.0 cm.

Terms: This cello is available for examination and trial and has been meticulously set up to our exacting specifications before addition to our catalog. If you wish to inquire further about this cello, please contact us using the green button at the top of this listing or call 1-818-762-1374 during business hours.

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