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Stanley Kiernoziak Viola, Chicago 2016

Category: RS Violas
Manufacturer: Kiernoziak, Stanley

Instrument Type: Viola

Item #: 000-752

Year: 2016

Price: Sold

Maker: Stanley Kiernoziak

Description: Stanley Kiernoziak learned to craft string instruments at the Technical College of Violin Making in Nowy Targ, Poland and moved to Chicago to work with William Harris Lee & Company in 1989. While at William Harris Lee, Mr. Kiernoziak benefitted from working in close association with renowned Chicago violin makers William Whedbee and Tetsuo Matsuda.

Mr. Kiernoziak’s instruments are characterized by a warm tonal quality with both focus and complexity, and characteristically strong projection. He has been the recipient of many awards including certificates won for tone at numerous VSA (Violin Society of America) conventions. In Cleveland in 2010, Stanley was awarded a VSA certificate for tone in the quartet competition.

Mr.Kiernoziak enjoys the challenge of violin making, whether it finding the perfect combination of wood for each instrument, or mastering the tuning of the individual plates until the ultimate tone is achieved. Over the past 33 years, Stanley has produced over 50 violins, 320 violas and 110 cellos.

This particular viola is 16 1/4” back length (41.3 cm.) String length: 14 5/8” (37.2 cm.)

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