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Fine Violin Bows for Sale

Arthur Richard Bultitude | Violin Bow

Category: Violin Bows
Manufacturer: Bultitude, A.R.

Bow Type: Violin

Year: 1964

Price: Upon Request

Maker: Arthur Richard Bultitude

Description: Arthur Bultitude was born on January 14th, 1908 and entered the Hill shop in October of 1922. Immediately, Bultitude's zeal for bow work appeared to his elders, and he was challenged with the art of rehairing, and later bow making itself. After the passing of Arthur Renn, Bultitude succeeded him, repairing and restoring the finest quality bows. Little by little, Bultitude's fantastic craftsmanship, dedication, and an outstanding work ethic, brought him the position of "Workshop Manager". Under Bultitude's management, the firm is accredited for entering another fabulous "Golden Period". During his career, he was awarded the M.B.E for services to his craft, and today his bows are known worldwide for their excellent balance and elegant design.

This bow was made in 1964, shortly after he left the firm of W.E.Hill & Sons. The bow is mounted in ivory and gold with an engraved tudor rose in the flanks of the frog. The wood for the stick is the finest pernambuco with a gorgeous flamed figure. The bow is in mint condition at this time. It draws a beautiful tone and is very well balanced. Weight: 59.4 grams.

Terms: This fine bow has been hand selected for addition to our catalog and is available for examination and trial. If you wish to inquire further about this bow, please contact us using the green button at the top of this listing or call 1-818-762-1374 during business hours.

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