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Jean Pierre Marie Persoit | Violin Bows

Category: RS Bows
Manufacturer: Persoit, Jean Pierre Marie

Bow Type: Violin

Item #: xxx-551

Year: 1820

Price: Sold

Maker: Jean Pierre Marie Persoit

Description: Jean Pierre Marie Persoit worked in the shop of J.B. Vuillaume from 1826 to 1838, and his sticks reflect that influence, although elements of François Xavier Tourte are quite visible. The heads are strong and fairly rounded, and frogs are rather low, with short, square throats. In general bows bearing his own name are rare, but are almost uniformly of excellent quality. Persoit's apprentice at the Vuillaume workshop Dominique Peccatte later merged his teacher's style with that of Tourte into a unique model of superb playability.

This particular bow is a gorgeous example of Persoit’s earlier work. The frog is from the same period but from another of Persoit’s bows. The flanks of the frog have mother-of-pearl shields inlaid in the flanks. This bow was also featured in Paul Childs book, “Persoit- His Life and Work”, bow #4, pages 40 and 41. Certified by Paul Childs and Kenneth Warren & Son. Weight: 57.0 grams.

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