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Recently Sold Violin Bows

Louis Gillet | Violin Bow

Category: RS Bows
Manufacturer: Gillet, Louis Henry

Bow Type: Violin

Item #: xxx-765

Year: Circa 1940's

Price: Sold

Maker: Louis Gillet

Description: Born in Nancy France in 1891. Died in 1970. Apprenticed in Mirecourt. Worked for Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy from 1906 to 1911. After serving in WWI, he worked at the Laberte firm until 1921. Collaborated with Eugene Sartory from 1934 to 1946. Then in 1946 he worked with Georges Dupuy, Son-in-law to Eugene Sartory, for a period of time.

This particular bow is in very good condition. The octagonal stick is mounted with silver and ebony. Weight: 61 grams

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