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Fine Violin Bows for Sale

Peg Baumgartel | Violin Bow

Category: Violin Bows
Manufacturer: Baumgartel, Peg

Bow Type: Violin

Year: 1990

Price: $4,000.00

Maker: Peg Baumgartel

Description: Peg Joanne Baumgartel received her initial training in the Los Angeles workshop of Paul Siefried, with whom she worked from November 1986 through June 1993. After leaving the employ of Mr. Siefried, she established her own bow workshop in L.A. Remaining active as a bow maker and restorer, Ms. Baumgartel relocated her workshop to Washington state in 2000 to be with her husband, Morgan Andersen, an internationally renowned bow maker.

Ms. Baumgartel has been awarded Certificates of Merit in international bow making competitions from both the Concours de Paris and the Violin Society of America.This is Peg Baumgartel’s first bow that she made back in 1990, under the direction of Paul Martin Siefried. The bow was purchased by famed violinist and collector, Michael Tenkoff. This bow was just meticulously restored by Peg herself and was adjusted to her modern standards. The bow is accompanied with a letter of authenticity from Peg Baumgartel. The bow is beautifully balanced and is quick and articulate.

Weight: 61.5 grams

Terms: This fine bow has been hand selected for addition to our catalog and is available for examination and trial. If you wish to inquire further about this bow, please contact us using the green button at the top of this listing or call 1-818-762-1374 during business hours.

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