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Fine Violins for Sale

Gand & Bernadel Violin, France 1892

Category: Violins
Manufacturer: Gand & Bernardel

Instrument Type: Violin

Item #: 000-862


Price: Upon Request

Maker: Gand & Bernadel


This violin is in excellent condition. It features a beautiful two-piece back. Varnish is full, a rich-red over a golden ground. It's back lengthis 35.7 cm. It possesses a very powerful sounding, rich, full tone, ideal for the professional violinist, soloist or chamber musician.


The Maker

Violinmaker, (1866 – 1892). Two important houses of violin making and three makers formed the basis of the prolific and successful Parisian firm of Gand and Bernardel: Charles Nicolas Eugène Gand and the Bernardel brothers Gustave and Ernest. The firm was established as Gand & Bernardel Frères in 1866, after the death of Charles Eugène's brother Charles Adolphe Gand.

Charles Eugène Gand primarily learned the craft from his father Charles François, who himself was a pupil and son-in-law of Nicolas Lupot. The Bernardel brothers likewise studied with their father Auguste Sébastien Philippe, who was a student of both Charles François Gand and Nicolas Lupot. Strong ties bound the two firms together: Gand and Bernardel pères knew each other well, and their works shared a connection to the undisputed master and founding father of the French tradition, Lupot. After Ernest Bernardel's retirement in 1886 the firm continued as Gand & Bernardel.

After Gand's death in 1892 Gustave Bernardel became the sole owner of the firm, which remained in his name until he sold it to Caressa & Français upon his retirement in 1901.


This fine violin is available for examination and trial and has been meticulously set up to our exacting specifications before addition to our catalog. If you wish to inquire further about this violin, please contact us using the green button at the top of this listing or call 1-818-762-1374 during business hours.

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