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Eric Benning-Crafted Cello Available at Beare Violins in New York City

benning cello with beare violins in ny

UPDATE: 5-10-2012 - The cello has since been sold and Beare Fine Violins has since closed their New York shop.

The most recent Stradivarius-model cello has crafted by Los Angeles violinmaker Eric benning is completed and is now available for examination and trial at the violin shop of J & A Beare in New York. This is the latest of several fine cellos crafted by Eric.

In an effort to expose Eric's work to a wider audience of players, the Benning shop has been working in close association with the firm of Charles Beare. The latest Strad model cello that Eric has made is a gorgeous instrument with a terrific sound.

You can see photos of the instrument on our website, or better yet, contact the Beare studio in NY to try the cello in person.

John & Arthur Beare Fine Violins
1776 Broadway Suite 1701
NY, NY. 10019