Distinguished Violinist Clayton Haslop Acquires a Violin Crafted by Eric Benning

C Haslop

Violinist Clayton Haslop, widley recognized teacher and performer, has acquired a violin crafted by Los Angeles violinmaker Eric Benning.

Acclaimed Los Angeles-area violinist, Clayton Haslop, has recently acquired a violin crafted by Eric Benning of Benning Violins. Haslop, who has traveled internationally as both a soloist and as a member of several recognized ensembles, is widely recognized for his work Concertmaster for a number of studio orchestras.

The violin, made by violinmaker Eric Benning in 2012, was crafted after a Stradivarius model. It has a one piece back and is Benning's 93rd completed instrument. Benning has become renowned for his copies of violins by both Antonio Stradivari and Tommaso Balestrieri.

"This violin is rich and powerful with a projecting tone," said Benning. "Therefor it is a perfect soloist instrument. As a maker, I always hope to sell one of my instruments to a reputable player. Clayton has played on more motion picture and television soundtracks than anyone. Everyone has heard him perform. We're thrilled to welcome him to the Benning family of players."

Haslop, whose playing has commanded the attention of the likes of Sir Neville Marriner and Nathan Milstein, he has performed on well over 1,000 motion picture titles and often serves in the capacity of Concertmaster for composers James Horner, Don Davis and Michael Giacchino.