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Eric Benning, Los Angeles-based luthier, is Interviewed by “Outside the Lines” Blog

Eric Benning is Interviewed by Outside the Lines Blog

Renowned art blog features interview with Los Angeles-based violinmaker Eric Benning, “a rising star” in the Golden Age of Violinmaking.

Third-generation master violinmaker Eric Benning did not set out to become a star in what he calls “the golden age of modern American violinmaking.” Instead, he set out to be the best craftsman he could possibly be. Nevertheless, he is quickly achieving star status in the world of violinmakers, having crafted instruments for notable artists such as cellist Ronald Feldman, violinist Vijay Gupta, violinist Ashot Tigranyan, violinist Aleksandra Maslovaric, and violist Paul Coletti. Currently, four musicians in the Los Angeles Philharmonic play on Benning-crafted instruments. Eric works day in and day out, creating and maintaining the finest instruments, in the Benning Violins shop which has been run by his family for the past 6 decades. He has become an expert at meticulously crafting a caliber of violins, cellos, and violas that most musicians may not ever have the pleasure of playing. What he consistently finds in the midst of wood and tools and pressure to produce perfection is his heart and soul, both of which go into every instrument he makes or repairs.

Eric Benning’s instruments speak for themselves. (Head over to his shop located on Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles if you want to discover this firsthand.) Today, the man himself speaks out about his experience as a master violinmaker: the highs and lows of it, his passions surrounding it, and his deep commitment to his craft. You will find Segmation’s exclusive interview with Eric located below.

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