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Great Pride as Garrett Benning is Accepted Into the United States Naval Academy

16 0222 Garrett

Garrett Benning, eldest son of Los Angeles violinmaker Eric Benning, will be leaving the Los Angeles violin shop for the US Naval Academy.

Our very own Garrett Benning - oldest son of preeminent violinmaker Eric Benning and grandson to renowned luthiers Nancy and Hans Benning - has been accepted into the United States Naval Academy.

The Naval Academy is the undergraduate college of our country’s naval service and is tasked with preparing young men and women to be become officers in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

The academy is a four year program offering bachelor of science degrees and graduates serve at least five years in the Navy or Marine Corps.

Garrett is an accomplished cellist and has performed with the CSUN Youth Orchestra, the Kadima Youth Orchestra and performs regularly at his high school and Sunday church services. He also serves his community by volunteering at the Lifehouse Convalescent Home where he plays for elderly and disabled residents.

Over the years Garrett has worked at Benning Violins' storied Los Angeles violin shop, where he has demonstrated cellos for sale to customers, managed the online catalogue, photographed instruments and assisted Eric, as well as Nancy and Hans. 

Garrett's natural warmth and friendly demeanor, along with his ever-increasing knowledge of stringed instruments, has helped to distinguish himself in the proud tradition of providing the high level of sincere and expert customer service that Benning Violins is widely known for.

We are extremely proud of Garrett for his latest accomplishment.