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Los Angeles Violinmaker Eric Benning is Interviewed In-Depth by VoyageLA

Los Angeles Violinmaker Eric Benning is Interviewed In Depth by VoyageLA

Preeminent Los Angeles violinmaker Eric Benning – in a wide-ranging interview – discusses the challenges and opportunities of pursuing his dream.

VoyageLA, one of LA's top media-driven online publications supporting the arts community, has recently interviewed Los Angeles-based violinmaker Eric Benning.

According to Sarah Abrams of VoyageLA, Benning was chosen as an interviewee “because he is one of LA’s hidden gems”.

“VoyageLA is all about locating LA’s most inspiring artists and exposing them to our considerable readership,” stated Abrams, a senior member of the Editorial Staff. “Craftsman like Eric and his remarkable family make our city exciting to live in. We want to share stories that give our big city a bit of that small-town community charm. Sharing these tories at a deeper, more personal level is our mission.”

In a wide-ranging interview, Eric discussed how he began his craft, his passion for instrument-making, his challenges and opportunities as well as his thoughts on his fourth-generation family of makers and what has made them successful.

“I’ve done quite a few interviews and this interview was especially enjoyable,” stated Benning. “VoyageLA was concerned less about polish and more about the discussion. They truly support the arts and community.”

Read VoyageLA’s Interview with Los Angeles Violinmaker Eric Benning.