Benning Violins Becomes First North American Violin Shop to Offer Phantom Violin Shoulder Rest

Benning Violins has announced the North American retail release of the long-awaited Phantom shoulder rest, an accessory for violin players. The shoulder rest, available on Benning's online store as well as at their Los Angeles-area violin shop, is a modern adjustable rest that has been shown to improve the sound of a violin as well as make it simpler to play.

13-0729 Phantom Shoulder RestLos Angeles, CA - July 17, 2013 - Benning Violins, the preeminent Los Angeles violin shop that has been a mainstay of the Southern California classical music scene for sixty years, will be the first North American retailer to offer the Phantom shoulder rest to violin players. Manufactured by Ergo Acoustics Lab, the innovative violin accessory will be offered for sale at their storied shop as well as on Benning's online violin store.

"We're very proud to be the first American shop to offer this product," stated Client Service Manager Laura Phillips. "We've received many inquiries already. We have seen the videos and read the claims by the manufacturers and we're excited to get these shoulder rests onto the instruments of our customers and then hear what our customers have to say."

Two string playing health care professionals who strive to produce ergonomically and acoustically innovative violin accessories designed the shoulder rest. The Phantom shoulder rest claims to improve sound production of a violin by minimizing the rest's contact to significant areas of the violin, allowing it to vibrate to its fullest potential, producing superior sound.

The patented, adjustable rest is also said to offer players better shoulder and neck support and stability, leading to improved positioning of an instrument leading to increased freedom of movement and ease of playing.

According to professional violinist Brian Benning, Violinist in Residence at the Benning shop, modern technology is continuing to find a place in improving the experience of playing stringed instruments.

"Though the basic concept of violins and violas and cellos remain unchanged for centuries, bows and strings and other accessories have evolved to better express the sound of the instrument and improve the experience of playing," said Benning. "It isn't surprising that someone would invent a product that allows for easier playing by solving some of the physical challenges that comes with playing, including stress on shoulders and the neck."

The Phantom shoulder rests are available for order and will begin shipping domestically on August 15th.