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Cellist Daphne Chen

Daphny Chen was born in Kaohsiung, and studied piano since childhood. She was trained by the respected musician Tai-Zan Xiao and subsequently learned to play cello from her teacher, Kuang-Jung Chang, where she quickly developed a brilliant talent in cello performance. After graduating at the top of her class from the Department of Music at the National Taiwan University of Arts (formerly known as the National Taiwan Academy of Arts), she went to the United States for advanced studies. Due to her excellent academic performance, she received a full scholarship from Pepperdine University's Department of Music and obtained her B.A. in Cello Performance. With the assistance of a full scholarship, she continued her music study at UCLA, where she received her Master's Degree in Cello Performance.

Daphny Chen has played with many well-known symphony orchestras and has been invited to tour throughout the United States, performing recitals regularly to much acclaim. She formerly served as the President of Malibu Institute of Music. She presently teaches in the Department of Music of the Tainan University of Science and Technology and offers classes at Dacheng and Chongming Middle Schools in the city of Tainan, and as the Conductor of Mandolin Philharmonic Orchestra of the Chimei Foundation.

For many years, Ms. Chen's performances have been well received by many master cellists, such as Mstislav Rostropovich, Janos Starker, and Anner Bylsma. Her experience with cellist Mstislav Rostropovich was exceptional and is an oft-repeated tale in music circles because Mr. Rostropovich had previously announced that he would no longer admit students into his class. However, after he listened to Ms. Chen's play, he decided to make an exception and took her in as his last disciple. Mr. Ronald Leonard, the first cellist of LA Philharmonic, even considers her as his successor among the various talented students who have come into prominence.

Furthermore, Daphny Chen studied human muscles and the history of western music in addition to mathematics, gravity physics, terrestrial gravity, and the principle of Chinese Tai- Chi, and developed her one and only training method named "the natural playing method without pain, pressure or being nervous" which brought favorable attention in music circles. She has been invited to many universities, schools and musical performance groups to make speeches and give demonstrations. She and her studies become popular wherever she goes.

Having resided abroad for many years, Daphny Chen has formed her independent and optimistic personality. Having been privately instructed by many musical masters, she accumulated rich performing experiences, and developed her unique, deep and dexterous playing skills. When she performs on stage, her self-confident elegance displays vividly through her well-knit and joyful execution of each musical note and naturally conveys the efficacious resonance of melody and life. After having returned her home in Taiwan, she has been actively planning and giving her performance of various types of music repertory ensembles, from which she is able to present her various music expressions to her audiences, and expand their unlimited imaginations in the realm of music through her vigorous and refreshing interpretation of music.

Daphny Chen has received numerous music awards, but she thinks that all the awards are simply some shinning rings and external labels. She dedicates her achievement totally to her parents. Unfortunately, her father was injured on job in 2001, and her mother, who served by his side, suddenly died of illness in 2003. Daphny Chen chose to return to Taiwan so she could take care of her father. She wishes her music fans in Taiwan can get to know her through her cello music. She would like to pass her well-honed knowledge and experiences to her students through her classes. Whenever she can, she will also give cello concerts, from which she can passionately communicate with her cello in front of the friends who love music, so everyone can enjoy together the pleasure of cello music and appreciate the beautiful world of Daphny Chen.