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Our rental program offers violins, violas and cellos that are affordable and expertly set up for ease of play.

In order to meet the needs of music students and teachers who require exceptional quality entry-level violins, violas and cellos, we operate one of the largest string instrument rental programs in Southern California.

If your student is interested in playing the violin, viola or cello, we recommend rental of a high quality instrument in favor of purchasing one right off.

Each instrument is meticulously set up and maintained in our shop for optimum sound and playability. Adjusting the instruments to our highest standards allows each individual the opportunity to play on a properly set up outfit.

All instruments come with a bow and case.

Each rental contract is monthly and requires a California Drivers’s license and a valid credit card which will be charged the appropriate monthly fees.

Rental rates are $35 per month for violins, $45 per month for violas, and $65 for cellos.

We apply the first 3 months' rental toward the purchase of the instrument you are renting or of any other of the same kind.

We do not rent out-of-state.

If you are interested in our rental program and wish to inquire further, please visit us at our studio or contact us in order to schedule an appointment.